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Want to request support?

Want to request support?

To request a donation or sponsorship for an event, please review our Giving Guidelines. If you meet our qualifications, please complete our form.

We are here for our communities

TDECU is driven by a mission of people helping people. Credit unions were created so Members could invest their savings together, lend to one another, and own a part in the organization — a true definition of people helping people. TDECU Cares is a united employee-wide effort committed to giving back. We have dedicated over 1,907 volunteer hours — at a value of over $54,000 — to encourage health and wellness, support education, and provide community enrichment. We are committed to improving lives and we strive to make a difference every day.

In 2021, the TDECU Cares program donated over $380,000 to the community by providing meals, hosting blood drives, lending a hand after storms, supporting our local schools and universities, giving scholarships, and revitalizing our neighborhoods. Together, we can make a difference.

Education leads the way

At TDECU, we understand the importance of education. We offer many resources to assist students through financial literacy courses taught at local schools and universities, our student Member scholarship program, funding local education foundations, or even the TDECU stadium. When we invest in education, we know that we are investing in the future, which will directly impact today and in the years to come.

3,364 received financial education

3,364 received financial education

8,253 students experienced stream enrichment

8,253 students experienced stream enrichment

2,235 were supported through life skills programs

2,235 were supported through life skills programs

75 received scholarships totaling $114,000

75 received scholarships totaling $114,000

Building up and enriching our communities

Giving back to our community is at the forefront of TDECU Cares. Our communities depend on their members to thrive, and those members want support and a sense of security and belonging where they live. The TDECU team has dedicated hours focused on life skills for youth, community revitalization, and workforce development. We understand the key is to break down barriers, enhance the neighborhoods around us, and give financial guidance. 

906 received workforce development <br>and gained employment

906 received workforce development
and gained employment

Two community-service centers<br>were refurbished

Two community-service centers
were refurbished

Keeping you healthy and well

Health and wellness are our greatest community assets. Health allows people to live their lives to the fullest and well-being is fundamental so they can overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. With this in mind, TDECU promoted employee blood drives, delivered resources to those negatively impacted by the pandemic, provided meals to families in need, and assisted with prevention and emergency services. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of our community.

105,393 meals provided <br>to families in need

105,393 meals provided
to families in need

4,083 assisted with prevention<br>and emergency services

4,083 assisted with prevention
and emergency services

Volunteering, community support, and service highlights

Some of our most recent contributions and volunteer hours include:

  • Houston Food Bank
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston
  • Junior Achievement
  • Lunches of Love
  • Brazoria County Dream Center

Community Involvement Support

TDECU collaborates with a wide range of area nonprofits who work within our funding priorities of education, health and well-being, and community enrichment initiatives. To request a donation or sponsorship for your event, please review our guidelines and if you meet our qualifications, complete the form.

TDECU Community Partners

With our team of volunteers and financial support, TDECU is always seeking to build relationships with community partners who align with our areas of focus which include education, community enrichment, and health. Our goal is to create meaningful connections and drive real change in our community. Please review our Community Partners page to learn more.

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