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Some of our Members are currently experiencing email, phone, or text-based scams. This is called Phishing and is a fraudulent attempt to obtain your personal information. If you receive a suspicious email or text message, please do not respond, click links or open attachments. Call us at (800) 839-1154 or forward the suspicious email or text to - read more.


Articles tagged with "Security and Fraud Protection"

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6 Steps to Handle An Unauthorized Credit Inquiry
March 7, 2023
Did you notice an unauthorized inquiry on your credit report? Follow these 6 steps to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft and protect your finances.
Why Are Chip Cards More Secure Than Swiping?
March 2, 2023
You just received a chip credit card. Now, every time you go to a store, there is confusion over whether you insert or swipe your card. Why did credit card companies make a change to a system that ...
Stay Safe From Tax Fraud
February 1, 2023
This blog was originally published in January 2022 and updated in February 2023   A new year also brings a new tax season and with it, additional chances for tax related scams. Unfortunately, ide...
What is the NCUA and how does it protect me?
January 13, 2023
TDECU is insured by the NCUA. What does that mean, and how does it impact me? Here is everything you need to know about how your money is insured at TDECU.
Are Paper Documents Unsafe? Why eDocuments are the Clear Choice.
January 6, 2023
Paper documents can leave you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Learn how enrolling in eDocuments can be safer for you and better for the planet.
Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
January 5, 2023
This blog was originally posted in January 2022 and updated in January 2023.   These days, more than ever, identity thieves are on the prowl and ready to attack. They are looking to steal your pe...
Tips for a Safe Holiday Shopping Season
November 1, 2022
This blog was originally posted in November 2021 and updated in November 2022.Holiday shopping presents so many opportunities to add joy to the season. However, with those opportunities also comes ...
Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks
October 6, 2022
This blog was originally posted in March 2022 and updated in October 2022.   Phishing attacks are still a popular way for cybercriminals to bypass your security measures and trick you into provid...
How Can You Protect Yourself on the Web
September 6, 2022
Is your personal information at risk every time you browse the web? Learn what to look for and how to stay safe online with these tips from TDECU.
Security Awareness: Mobile Banking Security Tips
August 3, 2022
Your mobile banking app and accounts are well worth protecting. Take a few minutes to learn more with our mobile banking security tips.
Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Attacks
July 5, 2022
Social engineering relies on person-to-person interactions and manipulation to steal your identity. Learn more on how to protect yourself.
How to keep your kids safe on social media this summer
June 3, 2022
Learn how to keep your kids safe on social media this summer.
Tips for Preventing Identity Theft
May 4, 2022
Do you think taking steps to protect your identity is difficult? Protecting your identity can be easy. Read this post for some top identity theft security tips.
Staying Safe from Phone Scammers
April 1, 2022
Avoid becoming a victim to phone scams. Learn how to recognize and report fraudulent calls to keep your money and personal information safe.
Tips for Staying Safe Online
February 1, 2022
Being connected online means almost everything is just a click, swipe, or tap away, learn the best ways to browse safely and protect yourself online.
3 Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Credit Card Fraud
January 21, 2022
Credit card fraud is a serious problem that affects all types of business and merchants of all sizes, costing them not only money but also precious time.
Security Starts with a Strong Password
December 1, 2021
How strong is your password? If your password is simply “password,” then our security tips are exactly what you need to create stronger passwords.
A New Way to Use the TDECU iOS App with the Apple Watch
November 5, 2021
Learn about how you can use your Apple Watch with TDECU Digital Banking to see your account balance and more.
Staying Safe from Fraud when Shopping Online
August 31, 2021
Buyer beware. Online fraud is on the rise, putting you at risk of falling victim. Discover ways to avoid it now.
Best Practices for Staying Safe Offline
August 2, 2021
Learn how to stay safe from offline threats
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